About us

About me

Working for a company that had many skills, I managed to learn the basics.

I had a keen interest in electrical work and after working with the electricians, I decided I wanted to train to become one.

4 years later I left with my level 3 city and guild quilification

later on after working for the same company for  10 years, I decided to work for myself,

I have always been honest with the work I do and I always like to tell the customer what I am doing and any complication that have arised.

I always make sure the work is completed to a good standard and that the job has been done as clean as possible.

  • Domestic works
  • Kitchen wiring
  • Lighting
  • Commercial work
  • Office wiring
  • Lighting
  • Single Phase work
  • 3 Phase work
  • Machine supply installations
  • Fault Finding



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